You're the most colorful thing that I've seen

"You swim like you're on fire
Live like your last day
Drink like it's water
There's no tomorrow
And you think no one can hear you
Raise your hands to be called on
You know all the answers"
-Rocco DeLuca and the Burden, "Colorful"

After being awoken at 4 AM by drunken singers, I am quite tired, but I feel like I've been neglecting my blog duties, so here will be a short update.

What I did this past week:

-Went to Durban
::Went to uShaka Marine World (i.e. South Africa Sea World)
::Went to Vacca Matta club and lost a dance contest (but still had fun, and an American still won)
::Swam in the Indian Ocean
::Ate Indian food, burned mouth from said Indian food
::Hurt back on go-kart (as described in previous blog)

-Was on a lot of drugs for my back
::Also have a nasty scab (that will probably scar)-- sick.
::But it's feeling (mostly) better now.

::Transsexual woman who tried to enter Miss South Africa pageant, but officials wouldn't let her in because she was not "born a woman" (which drives me nuts, considering Miss Carrie "Opposite Marriage" Prejean was allowed to keep her crown for a while, but Lindiwe wasn't even allowed to participate? Uggh.)

-Went to Carnivore
::Had lamb, wildebeest, zebra, crocodile, blesbok, kudu, beef, pork, and pap. Delicious.
::Tagged the different kinds of meat in this photo on Facebook, cause I'm awesome like that.

-Went to see Public Enemies (starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale)
::Eh. Not that great, expected a bit more.

-Went to Johannesburg Pride
::Glad to see that there's pride all over the world. :)
::Also, got a pair of SA flag shutter shades. What what, you jealous.
::Participated in a pride parade on campus, and got really good at chanting "Hey ho, hey ho, homophobia's got to go!" repeatedly.

-Got two packages
::Thanks Mom and Grandma!
::Got pranked by my parents...thought they sent me my dead dog's ashes, but apparently they were just ashes from the grill. THANKS, DAD.

-Met some Peace Corps volunteers who are serving in Botswana
::Asked them a bunch of questions...definitely still considering PC after college.

I hope that was interesting enough for all of you. By the way, a lot of people have been asking if they can do or send anything to help me out...now that I have < 2 months here, I'm afraid if you send a package, it won't arrive before I leave (the SA post office is not as reliable as I would like it to be). However, there is one way you can help...I miss American music. Well, new music. The American music that gets played here is not exactly to my taste. So, if you find yourself wanting to do something nice for me, an iTunes gift card would be totally freakin' sweet. :) (Cause the cool thing is, you wouldn't even have to mail it to me, you could just scratch off the number and then email it to me.) But totally up to you, you're not under any obligation to do so, I will love you even if you don't. :) Just thought I'd throw that suggestion out there.

Anway. I am super tired, so I am going to bed now. Hope you're all doing well and staying warm, since it's getting cold in the States (whereas I got a tan today from the ever-warming Johannesburg sun). Miss and love you, of course!

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  1. Dear sarah, i am super jealous of your shades. Everything looks like it is going well over there! :D I'm super happy for you!