In the swing of things

Well, I've been in Africa for a month already. I'm shocked that it's already been a month...hard to believe that I'll only be here for another 4 months. I feel very acclimated in certain aspects, but completely like a foreigner in other aspects (still not used to driving on the opposite side of the road).

Some things have been really fun (like all-you-can-eat ribs while watching a Springboks rugby game with friends, then going out to play pool afterward), some things have been really frustrating (like having my internship delayed for several weeks and not being able to use a hair dryer that I bought here because I need an adapter--then not even getting the right adapter), and some things have been scary-- like trying a traditional African dance in front of 50 people you've just met. But, hey, if I can do that, I think I can do anything. :)

On the plus side, my internship at HRC (Human Rights Commission, I was wrong about the acronym in my last post, sorry, HURISA is the Human Rights Institute of South Africa...which makes more sense) starts tomorrow. I'm in the Communications department, which is great for my major. Hopefully I'll get credit for it back at Central. Here's a group of us on the steps of the Great Hall (which I often confuse with Senate House, because they're connected) just before the internship luncheon a week or so ago.

Other than that, things have been really good. I'm hopefully going to a Reggae show down at Bassline tomorrow night (Bassline = hip theater in Newtown)...Friday is a party at the Explorer's pub, and Saturday there's some sort of Indian dance that my friend Ori told me about (Ori is the other person in my dance picture...I'll let you guess which person he is). Should be a pretty fun weekend.

Now that I'm more used to Jo'burg, I'm starting to check out more of the city. I'm hopefully going to a few new restaurants next week, and since I purposely scheduled my internship so I have Fridays free, I might be taking a weekend trip to Durban and/or Cape Town. (Cape Town has penguins! Seriously!)

Anyway, International House (where I live) is pretty nice. Here's the view from outside my door...it's lovely, and not the winter-view I'm used to.

I hope you're doing well! The emails I'm getting are great, thanks so much, everyone!

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