Tour of my living space

Well, I've been traveling since June 27th, and I've officially been in Africa for 3 weeks. I've now been in my room for about 2 weeks, and it's beginning to feel like "home." I'd still like to spruce up my room a bit, but I know I can't take everything home, so we'll see how that goes.

Here's my bed...this is where I do most of my sleepings. If not there, then generally on uncomfortable buses.

Here's my bulletin board...if you weren't in attendance, all those handwritten notes are the lovely notes that my friends wrote me at my going-away party. The printed ones are emails from people who were unable to attend, and then pictures that my sister sent me...in the bottom corner is the information for my return flight (leave OR Tambo Airport at 8:05 PM, Saturday, November 28th, arrive back at JFK at 7:40 AM on Sunday, November 29th). All these notes and pictures make me smile though, so if you wrote one of them, thank you. :)

Here's my kitchen...notice the complete lack of any real food? Yeah...I eat out a lot. Although I do make a lot of tea in my room.

Cheers! (This is what I do after sleeping in on a Friday morning when my internship is canceled and I have basically nothing else to do.)

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